Home Improvement within Your Budget

Home_Improvement_Art_for_Web_Site.135193801_stdThere are some things that you can do to improve the comfort of your home, but also increase its value, if you ever think about selling it. Some projects you can do by yourself, while for others you will need help. No matter what you choose to do, there is always something to improve around your special place that you call home.



This has been used since the Greek era, as they were the ones who invented this accent. It’s called now decorative molding and it’s extremely easy to install. It will create a wonderful space, making a separation between the upper parts of the walls and the lower parts, adding grandeur. You will find simple molding and also ornate moldings; you can paint it differently, stain it or leave it simple and natural. There are also moldings that are flexible and will make their installation extremely easy. All this will make your room appear taller and bigger. Consider that it’s easier to apply them yourself than to pay for it.

A Ceiling Fan

This will leave you thinking about a sunny area, near the beach in an exclusive resort. A ceiling fan is extremely easy to install and very practical, as it will keep a permanent breeze in your room. This will allow for constant ventilation and you won’t have to turn on the air conditioning system all the time to get a lower temperature. It’s not only a beautiful accent, but it will also help you save more energy.

A Beautiful Garden

wpid-home-improvement-ideas-and-tipsStart your own garden by planting some trees. It will definitely improve the aspect of your home, but it will also increase its value if the house is sold. Trees are considered expensive and it can add a few thousands to the price you think about when selling.

It will take about a few years to have a mature tree, but there are some species that can grow fast, with a large crown and also beautiful. Add some plants and flowers and you’ll get a nice garden, fit for relaxation and enjoyment.

The Patio

While talking about your garden, you can also think about adding a patio to the existing space. Just build out a wooden platform or use the area that you have available. Place some comfortable chairs and a table, decorating them with nice pillows and a great light for when the night comes.

If you have space, you can also add a fireplace – build it or buy it, and all is ready for a good outdoor relaxation time.

A Security System

House-Maintenance-ChecklistDon’t believe that it is irrelevant for the security of a home, because even in the nicest neighborhood there is always the possibility of a rubbery to take place. Set up a good budget and invest it in a security system. It will protect your house and everything that is in it.

You’ll do well with a monitored system or a security company, which has the equipment that you need. Some of them will offer 24/7 assistance and they can send an emergency unit if the alarm goes on.


Energy Efficiency Upgrade

You’ll surely like to live in a house that has a high level of energy efficiency. There are two reasons – the first – the prices keep going up, the second – you’ll save a lot of money on electricity.

You can transform your fireplace from burning on wood to burning on gas, which gives you a 77% conversion rate. Also, insolate your house with another layer of protection, on the inside – cover the walls, the basement and the attic in a protection layer.

Everything presented here is for a lower budget. There are many things that you can do to increase the value of your house, but also add comfort to your living. Come to us at Callchi Homes and find out more about home improvement!